Gruppo CO. Network.

Italian Real Estate Company

IRECOM offers trustworthy support and far-reaching assistance in the fields of residential and commercial property finding, legal, administrative and fiscal consultancies, property renovation, and management services.


The ultimate platform for international students. Specialized in online rental brokerage services throughout the whole of Italy, specifically mid-term rentals for students, it also features in-depth city guides, and a dedicated blog.

Apartments in Florence

High standard Florence-based online real estate agency specialized in mid-term home and apartment rentals in Florence city center and the Tuscan countryside. It caters to all kinds of international travelers, professionals traveling on business, families and couples.


A real estate consulting and management company that provides foreign investors and entrepreneurs with assistance and support in sourcing the perfect asset in Florence. It specializes in high-quality properties, historical mansions and luxury estates.

Italy Law firm

A team of highly qualified multilingual legal advisors specialized in helping foreign investors, companies and corporations invest in Italian real estate and carry out cross-border transactions.

Architect in Italy

Leading Italian architectural firm specialized in providing foreign investors and companies with turnkey renovations, restoration and customized building projects tailored to the unique characteristics of their real estate asset.

PI and BI

Complete integrated temporary and permanent solutions for multiple real time monitoring and detection needs, from the most basic and widespread (Smart Air, Soil, Water and Weather) to the most advanced and pervasive (Smart Energy, Lighting and Parking) up to larger and more complex scenarios (Smart Agriculture, City and Industry).


WeM_ParK was created with the aim of facilitating and supporting scientific research in the field of marketing applied to information and communication technologies. WEM Park is a mission and a philosophy: promote and set up advanced training courses to extend digital culture both to the academic world and to the business world.
The Laboratory was born with the name of “park” because it intends to be an open place, where applied research is conducted not for companies but with companies, where the knowledge blends with ideas generating more knowledge, where a multifaceted approach to marketing issues leads to the discovery of the current rapidly changing economy’s new frontiers of this rapidly changing economy.