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Web marketing agency based in Florence.

Analysis and strategy

A successful digital marketing plan always includes an initial phase of analysis to identify the most suitable strategies and tools to achieve the company’s objectives.


Understanding and grasping a company’s identifying elements and translating them into a set of visual and textual elements that explain the values of the company in all its visual forms.

Operational web marketing


Web advertising refers to all advertising actions aimed at increasing a company’s online visibility. We custom-design platforms and advertising formats depending on each company’s field of action and objectives. Performance is the core of every advertising campaign we manage.


Being at the top of Google results means intercepting a user’s need before competitors do. Gruppo CO.accurately analyses company objectives and specific needs, proposing structured and effective SEO strategies able to monitor and constantly improve website positioning on search engines.


Finding one’s own space on the platforms, standing out and creating an authoritative image of one’s own company can be complex: via a carefully customised strategic path Gruppo CO., provides continuous support in the management of Social Networks oriented to the achievement of the prefixed objectives.

CRO e Web Analytics

We are increasingly hearing about data-driven marketing, literally “marketing activities driven by data”. Compared to data-driven marketing, web analytics is in a prior logical stage: it concerns the activity of finding and analyzing data useful to make some of these decisions.

Digital PR and Press Office

Today more than ever public relations represent a strategic phase within a company’s communication plan. As PR evolves into Digital PR, it impacts SEO, visibility and brand authority online.



Advertising graphic design is like a first handshake between two people: the most immediate approach between the brand and the client. Graphic identity defines the visual standards of a company and must always be recognizable. It contributes to the establishment of a relationship of trust and a sense of customer-brand belonging.

Content marketing

A company’s goals are our starting point. Communication strategy and the selection of the quantity and type of content needed can be determined only once these aspects have been clearly defined. The synergy between the technical and artistic departments finally leads to the creation of functional content.

Video marketing

There are no standardized procedures that work: the needs of video and the dynamics that lead users to interact are always different. We generally define 2 types of goals, therefore 2 categories of videos: videos for brand awareness and promotional videos.


A copywriter is a professional who uses words to sell products. He/she can be physically part of the marketing and communication team of the brand for which he/she works, be hired by a creative agency that takes care of the image and digital presence of several companies, or serve as a freelancer.



One of the first questions a company asks when starting an e-commerce project is: “What’s the right platform?”. Well, actually, the question should be: “What’s the right platform for my project?”. We listen to our clients, ascertain their objectives, and, based on these, define the functional and technical requirements needed. Only then can we competently and comprehensively advise on the best choices to make as regards selecting the most suitable and effectual tech stacks.


A functional, effective, beautiful-looking website is a primary asset. Today, more than ever before, businesses aiming to achieve need to be able to count on having websites which offer outstanding technical and functional performance. Because your website guides users, and prospective users, to your company’s objectives.

Agenzia pubblicitaria a Firenze: marketing e comunicazione per le aziende.

Gruppo CO. nasce con un obiettivo preciso: aiutare le piccole e medie imprese a sviluppare il proprio business cogliendo le opportunità offerte dal digital marketing. La nostra web agency si propone di accrescere e migliorare la loro presenza digitale sviluppando strategie di web marketing personalizzate con obiettivi tangibili.

Un team di giovani professionisti, ognuno specializzato in un ambito diverso del digital marketing, che condivide una filosofia ben precisa: incrementare il business dei propri clienti portando risultati concreti attraverso l’utilizzo di strumenti digitali specifici per soddisfare ogni diverso bisogno. In CO. tutti i progetti sono creati su misura per le necessità del cliente, ogni aspetto è curato nei dettagli, dalla definizione degli obiettivi/KPI alla scelta degli strumenti e delle strategie da implementare per raggiungerli.

Il gruppo si contraddistingue dalle classiche agenzie di web marketing perché lavora in continua mobilità, a stretto contatto con i clienti, anche all’interno delle imprese, per ottenere un quadro il più chiaro possibile sugli obiettivi da raggiungere e le eventuali criticità da superare. Lavoriamo con clienti appartenenti ai settori più disparati per essere continuamente stimolati e affrontare ogni giorno sfide diverse, mai insuperabili ma risolvibili con soluzioni specifiche.

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