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Online Advertising: Services Provided

What does online advertising entail? Are there different types of online advertising? The term refers to all promotional activities which aim to increase the online visibility of a company through web channels. We commence by conducting a thorough analysis of the company’s industry and ascertaining the goals it wishes to achieve, and then define the most adequate platforms and advertising formats. Performance tracking is something we consider at the very heart of every campaign we run.


Over the last few years, more and more businesses have started using online channels to deliver their advertisements. It’s an ever-increasing global trend, and there are countless industries worldwide in which a company cannot even attempt to sell without online advertising. With new companies entering the market daily, offering powerful online ads and PPC services, those already there are compelled to increase their budgets, facing demanding trials to try to keep their place.

This is where we step in. Equipped with the expertise, skills, and practical experience, we breathe new life into your existing advertising campaigns. Our aim is your success, and we possess the creativity and passion required to help you achieve your targets and boost your profits.

Online ADV: Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the core of our executive method. Looking at the infinite possibilities available with online advertising, it is crucial to understand what the goals of our customers are to choose the best solutions. 


Whether the objective is to generate new leads, increase brand awareness, boost ecommerce sales, or drive more customers to a retail store, Gruppo CO. is able to activate specific advertising formats and platforms offering a carefully custom-designed targeted service. 


Gruppo CO.’s strategic planning combines data analysis, in-person meetings, and remote briefing with our client. This tailored approach allows us to: 

  • Understand what makes the company and its products/services unique
  • Define the main business and the short and long term company goals
  • Familiarize ourselves with the company’s communication and marketing history
  • Clearly define the company’s ideal customer profile
  • Identify customers and analyze their strategies to be sure that the advertising campaigns obtain better results

Once these points are defined, we create a winning strategy.

Content Creation Services: the Importance of the Message

We create content based on goals, platforms, and advertising formats defined in the strategic plan. In-depth analysis and data available on organic and advertising analytic tools allow us to create inventive effectual content, attentively crafted to convey exact messages to precise targets.


We’re proud to state that our team is our asset. At Gruppo CO., we count on a dedicated department working constantly on content creation. Videos, photos, texts, graphics and innovative solutions specifically designed to be showcased through web channels.
To maximize results, we ideate various types of content, optimize them over time, select the best, and continue using the most effective ones.

From Offline to Online: Setting up Goals and Campaigns

Every goal defined in the strategic planning phase must be trackable online. That is why, before activating our campaigns (and before asking our clients to spend any money), we create robust tracking models in order to calculate the exact ROI.


Online advertising owes you its charm and high performances to the possibilities of keeping track of every penny spent. Hence, we define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) stressing precise values with our clients. Values in line with objectives to be achieved, for example:


  • Advertising campaigns to increase brand awareness: video views, ad impressions, interactions with posts on social channels, etc.
  • Lead-generation campaigns: leads generated, cost per lead, lead to customer conversion rate, etc.
  • Advertising campaigns to increase ecommerce sales: site visits, purchases, campaign conversion rate, etc.


The set up of the main goals and the KPIs definition are followed by the technical implementation of the campaigns. In this phase, we create the campaigns on the selected platforms, such as Google Ads network (Search, Display, Youtube, and Shopping) or social networks (Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, LinkedIn advertising).

PPC Services: Maximizing Online Visibility and Results

In the dynamic landscape of online advertising, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services play a pivotal role in enhancing a company’s digital presence and driving measurable results. At Gruppo CO., we understand the integral part that online ads and PPC services play in modern business strategies, and we bring our expertise to breathe new life into your advertising campaigns.

Continuous Improvement: Monitoring and Optimization

Our work does not end by activating campaigns. Monitoring is carried out day after day in order to define variables on which to act to improve performance. We follow up, follow through, and unfavorably deliver. 


Types of actions to put in place to achieve better results:

  • Changes on landing pages made to improve the user experience
  • Image and other advertising assets optimization to increase user engagement
  • Ad texts optimization made to increase the overall quality score and make them closer to the search intent of the user
  • Inclusion and exclusion of keywords
  • Bidding strategies tuning

Reporting: Transparency is Crucial

At the end of each month, we present our clients with a comprehensive, in-depth report and discuss it together. This enables us to highlight the results achieved and plan further actions to improve performance in the following month. Each report is customized according to each business’ needs.

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