Analysis and strategy

Context evaluative analysis and identification of strategic assets’ competitiveness

Our method: the importance of strategy

Every self-respecting digital marketing plan foresees an initial phase of analysis with the aim of identifying the strategies and tools best suited to achieving the company’s goals.

Planning usually consists of three subsequent phases. The first is exclusively strategic, the second mainly operational, comprising implementation as defined established in the preceding moment, and the third is an ongoing operational activity which generally lasts over one year.

Understanding the importance of the evaluative analysis of the context in which the web project is integrated, and identifying the strategic assets of competitiveness, allows us to define exact measurable operations, and achieve the set objectives.


  • Company: products and services (price, positioning, general characteristics that define the online standard)
  • Target market: value, target, personas
    • Identification of the target market/country
  • Competitors (assortment, secondary services, IT infrastructure, web marketing)
    • Identification of competitors/comparables/inspirations
    • Analysis of the composition of the information and service offer of competitors
    • Analysis of additional services offered by competitors
    • Analysis of the IT infrastructure of competitors’ websites
    • Analysis of marketing activities implemented by competitors (ADV, SEO, Social)


  • Strategy: identification of the most suitable strategy
    • Formulation of the general approach strategy to the reference market
    • Identification of the operational steps necessary for the execution of the strategy
  • Executive: drafting of the executive project with the aim of formalizing times, costs and tools.
    • Drafting of the executive project: elaboration of the detailed roadmap
    • Drafting of the executive project: select technology and marketing stack
    • Drafting of the executive project: identification of specific costs

Operational steps

  • Preliminary brainstorming
  • Creation of the analysis framework
  • Sharing and collecting preliminary information
  • Data collection and dataset creation
  • Data analysis and data visualization
  • Report writing
  • Presentation
  • Possible revision of specific points
  • Delivery

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