In a world where everything is measurable, words are still the essential element which allows human beings to express themselves, and understand one another.

What Does a Copywriter Do?

A copywriter works with words, and uses them to sell products. He/she may be part of the company’s marketing and communications team, or outsourced from a creative agency that takes care of the brand identity and digital presence of several companies, or work as a freelance copywriter.

What is Creative Copywriting?

A copywriter’s main roles are in advertising – where direct response copywriting is a sales method, and descriptive and persuasive texts are crucial in selling products and services – and in branding, the core-strategy based on the company’s values. Over the last few years copywriters’ responsibilities and areas of operation have expanded, rising to comprise web copywriting too.

What is Copywriting in Marketing?

So, what is copywriting in marketing? More than 150 years have passed since the days of John Emory Powers, the first full-time copywriter, father of modern advertising. The copywriter is the one who writes the copy, i.e. the textual part of an advertisement. In addition, he or she is called upon to invent names for brands, products and characters, to come up with taglines, payoffs and slogans to increase interest and sales. He turns concepts and emotions into words and uses those words to create a meaningful environment, a captivating realm where supply meets demand.

Differences between Copywriting and Webwriting

A copywriter does not spend his days in front of a typewriter or a WYSIWYG text editor. But he analyses, participates in brainstorming, and produces creative briefs. He digs deep into human psychology, studies the behavior of his target audience, their reaction and automatic feedback. He adds to subtract, and focus better. And in the end he comes up with his sharpest and sharper, gentlest and most persuasive, simple and profound words.

So, what does a copywriter do today?

Describing it in a few lines is not easy.

In a world where everything is measurable, words remain the essential unit for human beings to communicate and make transactions. Certainly, the copywriter, the magician of words, continues to pull persuasive copywriting out of his hat. Sales letters, copy for advertisement, product descriptions for marketplaces, and much, much more.

What is a Web Copywriter?

With the rise of social media and their want for fresh and original content, social media managers need a copywriter’s skills. It’s true, social media does not sell products. It does, however, deal with emotions, moods, dreams and community certificates.

So, while we still have traditional copywriters, those in charge of ‘sculpting’ words that last at least as long as a campaign (billboards, TV commercials, etc.), we also have brand-new cutting-edge web copywriters, knowledgeable about web dynamics.

What are SEO copywriting, Web Writing and Content Writing?

Web writing means writing informative and/or descriptive texts for the web. More specifically, there is content writing – creating, managing and updating content – there is blogging and newsmaking – in-depth news, articles and guides. And then again there is web copywriting – dealing with product descriptions and ads – and SEO copywriting – analysing keywords and search intentions to write texts intended to be positioned among the first results on search engines.

When we talk about Copywriting we refer to all these services and more.

Whether you’re looking for writers to create content to inform or entertain, to sell products using words, to sell your brand, aor to offer valuable content by subtly pointing to your brand Gruppo CO.’s copywriters know how to do it with a creative edge

However, we have to keep in mind that there is a big difference between web writing, content writing, and copywriting. With the first two, you create content to inform or entertain. A copywriter instead knows the art of selling to people through words. With copywriting you sell your brand, with web or content writing you give valuable content by subtly pointing to your brand.

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A copywriter nowadays works 360°, macro to micro: slogans on brochures, flyers, posters and banners, CTAs on landing pages, UX copywriting on e-Commerce buttons. Any type of product, application or service needs a good text on which to base its narrative, on which to set up sales. More accurately, it needs a diverse series of good texts. Texts that guide user’s experience in the right direction, where people are more likely to buy a product, and/or ask for more information about a service.

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