Digital PR: Public Relations – Press Office

Who said PR is out of fashion?

Today, more than ever, public relations is strategic, and if we’re talking about Digital PR, it also affects SEO, online visibility and brand authority.

An example? When we distribute a well-crafted press release, the resulting online outputs help improve the search engine brand positioning, hence impacting products and website positioning. Consequently, the press release can enhance a company’s reputation.

What is Public Relations?

Generally speaking, PR means managing communication between an organisation and its public. Public relations is responsible for broadcasting the company’s positive image, focusing on its values, products, services and people.

More specifically, public relations acts somewhat like a sieve between the company and the media, between a company’s communication/marketing departments and the journalists who create and spread news. Hence, PR is a strategic communication process based on building media relations – mutually beneficial relationships between a company and a number of subjects in the world of press and media.

Digital PR: What is it?

What’s the secret of online communication? Today’s digital PR managers have to deal with a variety of respondents, ranging from traditional journalists, to content creators, bloggers, youtubers, influencers and link building specialists.

Defining the world of digital PR is not easy. In a society where the number of communication platforms, channels and vectors is growing exponentially, Digital PR has to be ready for anything. Messages and press releases are shaped and modulated on the basis of the strategy and the changing possibilities the medium offers.

Today, a Digital PR campaign includes press releases, ads and social communications – with ad hoc constructed mini websites and rich media kits for journalists to download. Whether it’s launching a new product or a prize contest, or selling tickets for a special event, a company needs excellent Digital PR strategies to obtain effective feedback then and there (website visits, conversions, etc.) and results in the medium-long term (brand awareness, backlinks, etc.).

Digital PR: Why Do You Need a Digital PR Agency?

Digital PR goes beyond the work of traditional press. It all starts, of course, in the classic way: you need to write and distribute press releases to recount how an idea has come to life, to tell about an event or project. Some aspects of corporate communication have their own intrinsic newsworthiness. The launch of an innovative product, the start of a fundraising campaign, the beginning of a collaboration with a famous sports personality. In other cases, it is up to the digital PR and press office manager to bring out the news. Newsworthiness gives an event the option to be turned into news, and arouse interest in media relations. Once the news has been created, the audience must be held, and constantly involved.

How do you create a Digital PR campaign?

Digital PR work includes sharing a marketing strategy as concerns managing visibility and online presence. It does not matter whether the public relations/press office activity is managed internally or entrusted to external specialists. The dynamics and the stakeholders stay the same.

How do you create a digital PR campaign?
It all starts writing pitches, less formal and more concise than press releases, which can be sent directly to bloggers and journalists to raise up some interest. Then there are phone calls and direct contacts, in a prioritised order – the most popular magazines with the greatest SEO impact come first. Finally it channels into press conferences and special events designed to raise awareness and build stronger media relationships.

That’s how online communication works.

What a company needs to define is what it wants to say, and to whom. After that it’s all about doing one’s homework, and activating the right contacts for each press campaign.

A Digital PR agency networks with editors, editors-in-chief, content marketers, outreach and link building experts. That’s why it’s not just about sending out press releases with pretty pictures. Sending out press releases can achieve much more: outstanding mentions and backlinks, overall SEO improvement, increase of website traffic, of awareness of branded keywords and product names, and of overall domain authority metrics (AS – Authority Score / Semrush; DA – Domain Authority / MOZ; ZA).

Digital PR and Social Media

In a society where all sorts of content proliferates, sometimes we tend to confuse digital PR and social media marketing. Let’s try to clarify this.
Social media are certainly the first sounding board for a company’s external communication plan. They reflect the brand identity and are at the forefront for the ongoing process of conveying content and tone of voice.
However, relying solely on social media for PR is not a winning strategy. Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook channels can be used to accompany and facilitate PR, but social media is something else. What works on social media will not necessarily work on other media.

At Gruppo CO. we know what the key to success is: creating an inventive, one-of-a-kind PR campaign that stands out among many, and, at once, develop imaginative performing social media content.

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