Development of web and traditional graphic assets

Graphic design is like the first handshake between two unknown people. It is the most immediate, and thus fundamental, approach between the brand and the client.
Prospective clients allow a brand but a few seconds to prove itself attractive and reliable.
The brand (company) has a variety of ways, namely a series of tools, which enable it to clearly and effectively convey its message, creating an image that reflects its characteristics and reassures.
This is why graphic assets are vital for companies. From branding to coordinated image, well-devised graphic assets bring everything together, in a perfect blend which tells the world all it needs to know about the company.

Graphic identity defines the visual standards of a company. It needs to be recognizable, because it contributes to the establishment of a relationship of trust and a sense of customer-brand belonging.
Thus, website graphics must be meticulously studied, and all needs to be coordinated. Every support, every detail must be referable to the brand.

Operational steps

We work step by step, dealing with each detail as we go on, from ideation to graphic design of all operational supports and graphic assets.

Brainstorming with the client
Bespoke design, tailored solutions. We meet our clients, discuss and brainstorm with them, to become familiar with the brand and its history. We listen, and watch, to understand the message each client wants to convey, and outline the target audience to be addressed

Creation of preliminary graphic drafts
In a second phase, we discuss ideas internally, amongst ourselves, and turn them into colours, graphic lines, and fonts.
We then produce a preliminary graphic drafts and discuss it with our client..

Finalization and Production of Coordinated Graphics
Finally we single out what has been agreed to by our client and start creating the company’s graphic identity. A specific, clear-cut, powerful asset able to convey our client’s message in a clear, unambiguous way.

In technical and operational terms:

  • Study of naming and branding or logo restyling (if already present)
  • Logo and coordinated graphics creation (production of all supports: from business cards to letterhead. All advertising material, paper, and digital).
  • Conversion of supports into coordinated graphics.
  • Creation of graphic assets and templates

One of the fundamental tools of coordinated graphics is the corporate identity manual: a document that goes hand in hand with graphic development.
The corporate identity manual collects all the guidelines of the brand and defines the communicative characteristics from the graphic point of view: from the choice of colors to that of fonts, to the arrangement of graphic elements.

The manual provides our professionals with a precise guide, so as to guarantee continuity and consistency to the brand’s communication strategy independently of who, in the team, is at that moment processing the company’s graphic design.

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