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The Importance of SEO: How to Rank on Google

The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the set of strategies and activities aimed at increasing index, position and website ranking. A website can rank in the SERP (Search Engine Related Pages) for selected keywords used, and as such the search engine pages containing the results of a query will show it among the first ones listed.
Being among the Top 3 positions in the results page of a search engine means being able to intercept the needs of a user before one’s competitors.
Thus, the primary purpose of an SEO strategy is to increase organic visibility of a website on search engines.

Gruppo CO. proposes uniquely effective SEO strategies based on each client’s specific goals. We start by conducting an accurate analysis of the objectives and specific needs. Then, we monitor and constantly improve the rank on search engines with manual actions and web positioning software.

SEO Audit: Website Technical Analysis

The first step of a SEO Audit involves an in-depth technical analysis focusing on the website’s structure, usability and overall health. This “journey” is run both manually and through the use of specific testing tools. We come up with is a list of existing problems, which we adress creating a customized solution strategy.

The analysis phase is essential because it allows us to identify the technical and structural problems that negatively affect the search engine positioning.

Keyword Research: Intercepting the Search Intent

A Site Audit precedes the keyword research, one of the most important steps in the SEO analysis. Keyword research deals with SEO competitor analysis. We study the client’s main competitors, the content they offer and their strength. We analyze the queries launched by users regarding that industry. Each query contains a search intent. The goal is to identify specific queries that allow us to select the most important keywords for the industry.

What is search intent? Usually, the meaning of words is clear. Sometimes, however, the will, desire, or intention behind the words entered on Google is hidden.”

We share lists of selected keywords with our client, and together define their value according to the company’s core-business and specific goals.

Technical SEO Service

The main components of technical SEO are related to:

  • Verifying the presence of a valid Sitemap and of the robots.txt file to help search engine spiders navigate the site and correctly index all pages.
  • Ascertaining the correct configuration of the Google Search Console and resolution of reported errors.
  • Reviewing, and potential optimizing, of the URL structure.

HTML, CSS and Javascript code optimization

HTML code optimization involves two important tags that make up the code. The title tag – often called also the SEO title, is the code that specifies the title of a given web page, and the meta tag description is the HTML attribute used by search engines to show a preview of that page during queries. This title is hidden on the frontend, and can be seen only inside the SERPs.
Images must also be properly optimized through the compilation of the alternative text (alt tag), an attribute that allows the search engine to understand the content of the images on the website.

Each website page must also comprise a correct structure of heading tags (h1, h2, h3…), which ensure the text is organized in paragraphs compliant with a precise main title and subtitle hierarchy.

SEO Content Tuning

The main SEO content strategy includes:

  • Optimizing website content with targeted keywords, the copy should read naturally to visitors while also being favorably viewed by search algorithms.
  • New content creation focused on use of precious keywords.
  • Internal links management, to enrich user experience by providing complete and comprehensive content paths and facilitate crawlers.
  • Link building strategy, with natural backlinks and quality digital PR campaigns aimed at gaining new incoming links.

Local SEO

Local SEO is the tuning of rank web pages in the local results of search engines. The goal here is to increase the organic visibility of the client’s website in a specific geographical area. This type of optimization is particularly useful for activities that provide services to a local audience.
The main activities of local SEO include focusing on local keywords, checking the website’s and social platforms’ return information as well as management and optimization of Google My Business tabs.

Monitoring Results

Today’s increasingly challenging market makes online presence critical for companies. Choosing to invest in a good SEO optimization strategy can really make a difference.
Being present online is no longer enough. What really matters is to be online with a quality website that can really satisfy the user’s needs.
Our SEO activities and strategies are constantly monitored following a well-organized and structured workflow. A method that we vary, adapt and re-design each and every time to suit our clients’ specific needs..
Communication is always transparent: at the end of each work phase we discuss and analyze results obtained with our client.

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