Social Media Marketing

Social Network Strategy and Management

Introduction to the SMM world

Social Media Marketing is the branch of Digital Marketing that deals with generating visibility on Social Networks to consolidate companies’ presence on the web, strengthen brand prestige and generate user engagement.
Compared to traditional marketing, which implies one-way communication between the brand and the potential customer, Social Media Marketing has broken down the wall between the two sides, creating a two-way, transparent, engaging type of communication.

A user’s experience on Social Media platforms (their User Experience) is determined by his/her ability to interact with the Company: an innovative and fundamental aspect which offers marketing strategy brand-new opportunities.
The best way to achieve consistent long-lasting results, such as user loyalty, is to focus on the most appropriate channels and activities for achieving one’s objectives.

Preliminary work plan

Our Social Media Marketing plan starts with a brainstorming session to define the most suitable marketing objective for each client’s type of business.

One of the most relevant objectives is Brand Awareness. This can be achieved by manifesting and consolidating one’s presence and prestige across platforms which offer user-valuable content, so as to involve a fan base and become a benchmark on a given topic. In this case using an Advertising strategy to increase interaction with the target audience, promote sales and generate leads offers added benefits.

Analysis and definition

Once strategic objectives have been defined it is essential to proceed with a thorough market survey. What we do is analyze the specific business field, single out competitors and carefully study the brands and accounts that a company’s target audience values. By identifying what the reference target clientele is after we assess desires and dreams, drawing inspiration henceforth. In this phase we also ascertain our client company’s KSPs (Key Selling Points, the distinctive elements of a brand or product) so as to ideate winning content and publication strategies.

In a nutshell: we research and study your business field, its audience and competitors to define and hem in your prospective ‘community’. And come up with the perfect tone of voice for you to use, and be heard, on social media.

Social network management: social media account and content creation

Designing an effectual editorial plan, and creating one-of-a-kind captivating content for it is what we do next.
Our specialised Social Media Staff writes the texts, publishes posts, responds to input such as comments and messages, and periodically reports to the client. Inventive, sprightly and dynamic communication is vital, and our qualified experts have the know-how and skills to provide outstanding results.

To guarantee our clients have an accurate, thorough picture of their ongoing activities on Social Network platforms we analyze the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators – indicators reflecting determinants to measure results achieved) and attentively record results to improve future performance.

Gruppo CO.: our social network management work

Finding one’s space on the platforms is complex, and without professional assistance it may be daunting. Providing full qualified technical expertise and a dedicated personal approach Gruppo CO. enables companies to gain prestigious visibility and stand out for what they are worth.

Today’s ever-changing daily scene compels businesses and brands to establish a reliable, engaging presence on the multiple social media platforms to reach new audiences, and, further on, increase their revenues

Committed to our clients’ success we manage Social Media Networks competently, define strategies and analyze results, guaranteeing goals are met and objectives satisfied.

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