Video Marketing

Why entrust video production to Gruppo CO.?

Easy, because we are not a video production agency, nor do we treat videos as an ancillary service. Our basic assumption is that video production is a variable that affects quantity and aesthetics, and as such videos are a powerful marketing tool, but only when and if the right overall strategy is in place.

Our approach

A video marketing strategy stems from a process which comprises Analysis, Objectives and Creativity. In short:

  • Analysis is based on facts and deductions and aims at finding insight that relates to the target market and audience.
  • Objectives can be:
    • the influence that content is to have on the target audience
    • the actions that are to be carried out by the target audience
  • Creativity comes into the game to define:

    • the right type of video
    • the dynamics that lead users to interact with the videos
    • the content concept

There are no rules

There are no standardised procedures that work, the needs of videos and dynamics that lead users to interact are always different.

Let’s put it this way, there are basically 2 types of objectives, hence 2 categories of videos: brand awareness videos and promotional videos.

Videos created to increase brand awareness have to influence the target audience. The number of content combinations is extensive, and include: 

  • Corporate videos
  • Emotional or entertainment videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Educational videos

As for promotional videos these are what we use to communicate the value of a product or service directly by inviting the user to perform a specific action. Promotional videos are used by leveraging a specific offer or an already targeted audience with the goal of achieving a specific conversion.

What strategy?

Comprising a variety of target actions, including diverse types of content (i.e. not only videos) video marketing strategy moves across several platforms and media (e.g. from Facebook to the website or from the blog to the store).

That’s what makes working with Gruppo CO. fabulous.

All members of our highly accomplished team of experts and specialists, each specifically trained and qualified in a different area of digital marketing, are involved in every project we handle from the start. Sharing facts and ideas during the definition of digital marketing strategy, our crew provides all-round know-how, expertise and a creative edge. Ensuring our clients a winning comprehensive approach.

There are no rules

Working on strategic creativity features we come up with ideas for the video’s content and aesthetics. This is what we call the concept phase

Examples of content include:

  • Interviews
  • Product focus
  • Lifestyle related to the product or company

Aesthetics ideas include:

  • Video Animation explainer
  • UGC
  • Documentary cut

Once defined and formulated we discuss our creative proposals with our client. Once approved we start working on the pre-production.


First and foremost we write the scripts or create the storyboards,to make sure there are no mistakes or mishaps in the production phase. Attentive, time-effective, cost-effective: we allow for no surprises.

The second phase is organisational: we recruit the talent and crew, get permits for locations, props and make the agendas for the production.

Obviously this phase varies a lot depending on the project, ranging from simply organising a shoot in the company to recruiting stuntmen, hiring helicopters and getting permits for Vatican City.


Quite simply, the implementation of the operations to make the videos.


Once the material has been collected we enter the post-production phase. Videos may need: motion graphics, sound effects or voice overs as well as special cuts (vertical) or different durations for different platforms.

Our aim is always to optimise the flow and maximise the output: having a broad vision of the project from the beginning guarantees we have all the right material when we get to this stage.

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