Content Marketing: photos and videos for companies

An image, a photograph, or a video used to illustrate or explain something

I’ll believe it when I see it!

Homo Sapiens immediately assimilates visually presented information. Whereas language, both verbal or written is decoded linearly and sequentially, hence requires longer processing.
Moreover, we’ve learned that “Homo Sapiens Digitalis” has an average attention span of 8 seconds, significantly lower than in the past, but characterized by a marked critical capacity. This means we identify the information we are interested in, and what we don’t need, within seconds, and are able to process it extremely quickly and selectively.

The algorithms of social media and entertainment platforms are constantly evolving to present the user with increasingly targeted content, linked to personal preferences and interests. In this context, videos, capable of capturing attention and conveying multiple messages in a few seconds, are becoming more important and are among the most effective means of communication.
Videos and photos cover almost 90% of online traffic.
The production of professional photos and videos for companies is therefore essential for the implementation of communication and marketing campaigns.

The hegemony of useless content

Current data showing the very high level of user engagement with visuals has convinced companies to invest in video and photo production.

The desire to imitate multinational corporations’ communication campaigns, being original and creative at all costs, often leads companies to forget the fundamental starting point for any content production process: analysis and strategic planning. That’s why the web is now populated with visuals created on standards that aim to enhance only the “likes” and views.

Gruppo CO.: our method

Our approach is based on the analysis and optimization of photo and video production to create quality content, designed to meet the company’s needs and goals.

Our client company’s goals are always our starting point. Only once we have established this aspect, do we commence definition of the communication strategy. The first phase is therefore analyzing the platforms on which to act, and selecting the quantity and type of content needed.
The synergy between the technical and artistic departments finally leads to the creation of the desired content.

Long story short

We produce visuals from scratch or starting from what the company already has.

Visuals selected vary depending on their intended use:

  • Advertising
    Content for Facebook and Instagram, in the various formats, that platforms offer.
    E.g. stories, carousels, video ads, etc…
    The visuals are created with a style and tone appropriate to the audience we want to reach.
  • Branded Content
    Content that can be used on all platforms, created to increase awareness and perception of the company.
    We consider Branded Content: corporate videos, emotional videos, tutorials, presentations, and entertainment.
  • Editorial Content
    Content for social networks, necessary to maintain a constant presence on the platforms.
    Photos and videos designed to convey the mood of the brand or show products. They are mainly used by social media managers or copywriters to support written communications.
  • Website content
    Content created according to the web designer’s instructions.
    Photos and videos to be used for e-commerce, characterized by 360° shots.

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