Website design and development

Introduction to the world of websites

The website is the beating heart of any digital strategy: whatever its’ desired functions and goals may be it remains the primary asset within a comprehensive web communication path Never before has the technical and functional performance of a website been as fundamental as it is today in guiding users towards a company’s objectives.

Analysis: laying the foundations for a successful web project

The marketing analysis of the company is the starting point of every web and non-web activity. Together with the technical analysis of the features, it represents the foundation on which we can start building a successful web project.
But what does marketing analysis really mean? It means understanding a company’s needs and DNA comprehensively, thoroughly. Only by being fully aware of a company’s features is it possible can we start building effective, time-conscious, perfectly-made tools to reach its goals.
Providing highly skilled technical functional analysis, which implies transforming a company’s needs into appropriate technological tools, is also vital.

The creation of graphic tables

Once our savvy technicians and marketing analysts are done the work reaches the desks’ of our graphics department. This is where the magic happens. On the basis of the technical needs and a careful study of the company’s identity our graphic artists start working on the website’s graphic tables.
Studying the UX is vital, as its outcome – the paths a user follows on the newborn website – will determine the layout of each element. In fact, every website that brings good results needs to be studied in detail in view of the objective: what actions will users have to perform? Reconstructing these flows backwards, making them seamless, easy to understand and very simple to use on any web device is our daily bread and butter. Our mission? Creating splendid performing responsive websites.

Technical implementations

The transposition of aesthetics and marketing logic needs to be supported by a high level of technical performance: a good website must meet the strict standards of Google speed and responsiveness as the complex rules of a good SEO optimization. This is why we use open source platforms as the basis for our websites, customize graphic templates and all the necessary code ensuring world-class technical performance.

Website development

Website development includes the following features:

  • CMS: wordpress, prestashop, magento, custom
  • Languages: copywriters and translators in Italian, English, German.

Operational steps:

  1. Realization of sitemap
  2. Presentation of tables
  3. Website implementation
  4. Debugging in test environment
  5. Training
  6. Delivery.

Additional services

In order to maintain the highest level of transparency, Gruppo CO. makes sure that the assets accessory to the website creation are owned by the customer. Dedicated to clients’ full satisfaction we manage all needed and create website domain and hosting, and all accessory service templates, such as privacy and cookie management, on their behalf.

This choice is what makes Gruppo CO. different: we firmly believe in straightforwardness and legit methodology, and guarantee our clients enjoy total freedom and full possession of their assets.
Moreover, should a new client already own some of the assets, and these be deemed in line with the technical specifications of the new website, acquiring new ones will not be necessary.

Annual assistance

The assistance package includes 4 audits per year on a quarterly basis (first audit 3 months after the site goes online) during which we carry out a series of activities to ensure the site’s proper functioning and compliance with the law, and prevent technical obsolescence. This is when we also create a backup of the platform and its contents.
In detail, each review includes:

  • Backup of the files contained in the hosting and database (so as to have an updated recovery backup)
  • Analysis of the plugins used by the website and verification of their obsolescence (in order to avoid site malfunctioning problems)
  • Replacing of obsolete plugins and updating of remaining plugins
  • Checking and updating to the latest version of the CMS (so as to avoid problems due to website malfunctioning and possible external attacks)
  • Ascertainment and update of privacy and cookie policy (vital to ensure compliance with current Italian and European legislation)
  • Checking and updating of cache management and minification methods (elimination of superfluous data such as spaces, line breaks, comments, etc. in the code to optimize site performance without compromising its operation)
  • Verification and eventual removal of malware (necessary operation to guarantee the security of the site and its correct operation)
  • Check hosting and database obsolescence
  • SSL security protocol check
  • Update Sitemap and Search Console (to ensure that the site is properly read by the crawlers of major search engines).

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